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My child is hyper active Is this a problem?

Posted 2017-08-22 12:46:10 by vernus
My child is hyper active Is this a problem?

It is normal for every parent to have periods of hyper activity of their children and some moments when you have to tell your kid to slow down, this happen when they are excited or have high energy, but if they are always hyper active, always moving and cannot focus on certain activity this should raise your suspicion that they may have something abnormal. Hyper activity is a cardinal sign of what is called (attention deficient hyperactivity disorder) or ADHD.

What is ADHD?

The signs of ADHD are hard to miss and they are present all the time, and they always bring negative comments and annoyed feeling against the child and if you do not know what is really going on you may think that your child is acting and misbehaves and this may let you think that you have to punish him in any way and this will make it worse.

Here are some behaviors that are common with hyperactivity:

• Talks almost constantly and frequently interrupts others.

• Moves from place to place quickly and often clumsily.

• Keeps moving even when sitting down.

• Bumps into things.

• Fidgets and has to pick up everything and play with it.

• Has trouble sitting still for meals and other quiet activities.

 Kids with ADHD also tend to be impulsive and have trouble paying attention ADHD may look different at different ages. For example, a preschooler might be accident-prone while a grade-schooler may not be able to sit still long enough to finish his work.

What can I do???

Most parents when they are facing chronic problem with their children especially when it is behavioral they are confused and do not know what to do, here are some advice that may help:


• Observe and take notes. By observing your child behavior you may be able to spot patterns and triggers. Maybe his activity level rises as the night wears on. Or perhaps he has a hard time falling asleep and is overtired. Recognizing the trigger allows you to try different strategies like changing his bedtime routine to have more quiet time and get a full night’s sleep.

• Provide things to fidget with. Let your child chew gum, carry a stress ball or have some other object to fiddle with. It can help direct some of the over activity and cut down on your child picking up and playing with other items.

• Consider martial arts or yoga classes. Physical activities give your child an outlet for his energy. These can also teach your child to be aware of his movements and be in control of his body.

• Connect with other parents. Knowing you’re not the only family out there dealing with hyperactivity can make a big difference. Connect with parents in similar situations and share information and advice.

• Talk to your child’s teacher. Hyperactivity can affect learning. That’s why it’s a good idea to reach out to your child’s teacher. Together, you can talk about classroom strategies that can help, such as using a secret signal to cue your child to stay on task.

These are all measures that may help but of course talking to your doctor and seeking specialist advice is the initial basic step.

What is the best food for ADHD???

Nutritional studies showed that the best food for ADHD is to be protein rich and with enough calories and to avoid common allergens and food preservatives.

Also we can use multi vitamins and fish oil which will help a lot for brain nerve signaling and memory.

To be clear here is the list of the best 15 types of food for ADHD:

1.       Apples

2.       Goat’s Cheese

3.       Pears  

4.       Tuna

5.       Eggs                                

6.       Nuts

7.       Spinach                            

8.       Oranges

9.       Kiwi                              

10.   Salmon

11.   Whole Grain Cereals

12.   White Fish

13.   Beans                            

14.   Grapefruit

15.   Chicken (BEST)




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